Your wedding is unique and will be one of the most important days of your lives. Therefore our approach to designing your flowers for the day is just as unique.


Your floral design will be individual to you and where possible we will grow your seasonal flowers and foliage especially for you. Anything that cannot be grown by us will be sourced by our local suppliers.

You will initially be invited to our workshop and garden for a consultation where you can see where every design begins. Whilst here, you can see our style and how much attention will be paid to the finer details to make your designs as special and romantic as your day. 

It is really important to have this time with you to really understand what is important for you so that the design and the fragrance will bring you straight back to your wedding day every time you walk through a seasonal garden. 

Once we know exactly what is important to you for your day, we begin to consider your chosen venue. We look at the type of setting it is, the surrounding landscape and the season in which you are getting married to ensure that the colours and textures that we craft into your individual design work in harmony with your surroundings.  

From there we work with our flower fairies to ensure that every detail is incorporated and that you have a design that is perfectly you. A design  that looks naturally reminiscent of a garden full of beauty and a fragrance that will become forever known as your wedding scent. 

Even with my high expectations, the flowers still blew me away - they were truly beautiful.
— Sophie
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