Autumn has arrived

Well it appears that autumn is upon us, the garden is starting to look a bit tired and is in need of a good haircut, except for the sunflowers that are looking stunning at the moment.

It has been a very busy since June when I was asked to be the in-house floral arranger for the Dower House Hotel Wedding venue and the INN all at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

There has also been a Wedding, Parties and sadly a funeral. The funeral was at Coleby Church with 23 arrangements in the church and 6 at the clients home, although it was an incredibly sad time, it is always nice to know that you have helped in some way.

Then there was Melissa and Chris’s wedding at Belton Woods Hotel, we have been planning the Wedding flowers since April and the Bride was very happy. It is very rewarding spending time with each bride as it allows you to give a very personal and bespoke service.

This weekend there are flowers for a sapphire wedding and getting ready for the Christmas photo-shoot at the Dower House Hotel,

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